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Botox - Boston

Botox Boston - What for?
Men and women looking to erase the inevitable signs of aging are turning to Botox in droves. They enjoy the smoothing effects it has, and the way it gives their faces a revitalized, rested, and even more youthful appearance. FDA approved for removing the horizontal wrinkles that stretch across the length of the forehead, the vertical ones between the eyebrows, and the arched ones found at the outside corners of either eye, Botox truly is a remarkable age-defying tool.

Botox Boston - How's it work?
Botox is injected in modest doses, through a fine needle, directly into the muscle located in the wrinkled area. The Botox relaxes that muscle, loosening its grip on the overlying skin. As the skin subsequently relaxes, the wrinkle is ironed out and a smooth skin surface is the result. The treatment usually only takes 10-15 minutes to do, after which there might be some slight redness in the area of treatment, but most patients are comfortable returning to work or daily routines immediately following.

Botox Boston - Does it last?
The smoothing effects of Botox don't actually kick in for about 3-8 days after treatment. However once they do appear, the facial rejuvenation effects will last for about 3-6 months. It will eventually gradually wear off, at which time, patients can pursue a repeat treatment according to their needs and comfortability. There's a benefit to having further treatments, as studies show that the duration of results increases over time, so Botox vistits will eventually be necessary less.


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