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Laser Hair Removal Boston - What for?
Because we all have hair, everywhere. And while some of it is in the appropriate place, hue, length, density, and coarseness, some of it also is not. Many men turn to laser hair removal to get rid of, or at least thin out, excessive hair on their back, chest, buttocks, face, and abdomen. Plenty of women have unsightly, unfeminine amounts of hair on their arms, face, back, chest, and abdomen. They can feel more comfortable with themselves and gain confidence from a series of laser hair removal treatments.

What's almost more exciting, though, is permanently removing hair in the areas that aren't as much embarrassing as they are a hassle to maintain at home. Women - you must be tired of shaving or waxing your legs, underarms, and bikini area! Men - aren't you sick of keeping your beard cleanly shaven, or having your ape-like back and chest waxed?

Laser hair removal, performed in a series of treatments, can cut hassles and embarrassment out of your life! Well, at least those related to body and facial hair!

Laser Hair Removal Boston - How's it work?
Before treatment, hair needs to be trimmed to just above the skin, and in certain cases, depending on patient preferences, a topical numbing cream may be applied. The laser is directed toward the hair follicles in the area of treatment. The follicles absorb this intense light, subsequently heating the actively growing hair in that area. Once heated, the follicle and hair are damaged, and the potential for regrowth is lost.

It is necessary for laser hair removal to be performed in a series of treatments because hair grows in stages. Hair can only be laser treatedwhen it is in the anagen stage of hair growth. This is when it is active with visible pigment, thus detectable to the laser light.

Each laser hair removal treatment can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes, and sometimes a little longer for very expansive areas. Patients report varying degrees of discomfort during treatment, though many describe it as a slight sting. Redness, as well as some slight bumpiness or swelling, will likely be evident after the treatment, but only temporarily. Some patients see it dissipate in several hours, others in several days. Sun exposure should be limited before and after treatment, and of course, caution should be used at any point that skin is exposed to sun rays.

Laser Hair Removal Boston - Does it last?
Hair does not immediately disappear after treatment, but takes a brief period to actually "shed." You'll notice some flaking shortly after having the procedure done, and then should enjoy the results of that particular treatment for anywhere from 4-12 weeks. The amount of time between each treatment varies depending on the patient's hair and skin color, coarseness of hair, area being treated, and how far along into the series you are. Once you've completed the number of treatments that was deemed appropriate for your situation, the hair is permanently removed.